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The Courage to Be Disliked – 1st Chapter: Deny Trauma (1)

Sebagai pengantar, melalui sang filosofer si penulis menjelaskan kepada pembacanya mengenai tiga tokoh besar di dalam dunia psikologi: Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung dan Alfred Adler. Jujurly saya hanya pernah mendengar nama Freud dan belum pernah membaca buku beliau pula. Jadi semua ini benar-benar dalam range wa-ndatau buat saya pribadi.

Adler dituliskan memiliki teori yang bertolak belakang dengan Freud. Adler hidup di masa yang sama dengan Freud dan bekerja sama di dalam Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, sebuah pertemuan yang dimulai secara informal di rumah Freud pada bulan November 1902. Freud mengundang beberapa ahli kesehatan untuk berdiskusi tentang hal-hal yang menarik dalam bidang psikologi dan neuropatologi.

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The Courage to be Disliked (Introduction)

Judul: The Courage to Be Disliked.
Pengarang: Ichiro Kishimi, Fumitake Koga.
Jumlah halaman: 289.

Buku ini ceritanya saya dapatkan sebagai hadiah Tantangan Ngeblog di Mamah Gajah Ngeblog beberapa bulan yang lalu. Waduh, rasanya senang banget dapat buku fisik! Sudah dua kali sebelumnya menang tantangan ini, tetapi hadiahnya selalu dikirimkan ke rumah Mama di Indonesia.

Buku ini adalah karangan Ichiro Kishimi dan Fumitake Koga. Dari namanya saja sudah ketahuan ya kalau penulisnya orang Jepang, dan bukan orang Indonesia hehe. Tadinya Teh May yang jadi sponsor hadiah menawarkan buku dengan judul lain dari pengarang yang sama: The Courage to Be Happy. Tapi setelah membaca sekian banyak review, tampaknya buku The Courage to Be Disliked ini mendapatkan lebih banyak respons positif dibanding The Courage to be Happy.

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Hands Free Life – Habit Builder 3

Build a Foundation with the Best Ten Minutes

Within my days, there will be time for the Best Ten Minutes:

Ten Minutes to accept the most important invitations: Yes to walking along the edge of the curb, yes to one more bedtime story, yes to face-to-face conversation…

Ten minutes to engage in activities that will better my life or the life of someone else, like creating art, making music, or building up another human being…

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Jack and Jill – Saint Lucy

I’m currently reading a book from Louisa May Alcott called “Jack and Jill”. A story about the lives of the youngsters living in Harmony Village, a small town in New England. The book was originally published in 1880, so it was pretty mesmerizing to read a story with the beauty of sentences and language from more than a hundred years ago.

Like many people, I first knew Louisa M. Alcott from her famous novel ‘Little Women’. I was hypnotized by the charming story of the characters in this book, and how charming her description was about their journey in learning life and finding love. But it’s been more than thirty years since I read her book, and it was translated in my language. Thus reading Jack and Jill in its original language is a new experience for me – and I’m captivated by her beautiful words!

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For The Love of Children (Introduction)

This is the first of Dwight L. Moody’s books I’ve ever read. I have several books written by him, lying for years in my Kindle library. When I finally decided to read again, I chose this book because the title and the book cover somehow told me this would be an easy read.

While I had never read any of his books before, but I’ve heard D. L. Moody’s great name and his work in evangelism back to the time I was a child. That’s why I’ve chosen his book to be one of the first books I picked up.

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Hellow, Books @Notingly readers!

Hello, my name is Irene and I just recently picked up my love for books again.

I used to be a very avid reader. Risking my eyes reading in the darkness of my sleeping room, with only a little light from the street lamp outside – all just because I loved to read and didn’t want to risk a heated argument with my Mom. LOL.

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Eat That Frog!

Once upon a time, there was a young beautiful but spoiled princess who was playing alone with her ball in the garden. She hit the ball too hard and the ball went in a pond in the middle of the garden. The ball was out of reach, she couldn’t get that ball by herself. Luckily she saw a frog sitting leisurely on a lotus leaf just beside the ball. She asked the frog to pass the ball to her – trading his help with her kiss.

The frog did help her and she got the ball back, but of course she didn’t want to kiss the frog. Who wants to kiss a frog anyway? That ugly miserable toad! Long story short, the princess was forced (by her parents) to fulfil what she’s been promising to the frog – she finally kissed the frog. Thankful the frog was not an ordinary frog, he was actually a handsome prince that was cursed to be a frog by a witch. The story ended with a happy ending. The princess found her prince and they lived happily ever after.

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For the 25 years of my 40 something years of my life, I stopped reading. Perhaps not entirely, but surely I lost my love to read. Until lately.

I have many books – too many for someone who didn’t read. I have many good books people gave me or the ones I bought, with the thought that I would one day read them. I would ‘get there’. One day, one day.

I’m glad finally that day came. I began to read some books that were only half-read in these past 7 years. The books I began but never finished. I finally finished one, and continued to finish another one, and decided that I wanted to read a complete new book. A book that didn’t come from my bookcase nor from my kindle library. I searched online and find this: