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Hands Free Life – Habit Builder 3

Build a Foundation with the Best Ten Minutes

Within my days, there will be time for the Best Ten Minutes:

Ten Minutes to accept the most important invitations: Yes to walking along the edge of the curb, yes to one more bedtime story, yes to face-to-face conversation…

Ten minutes to engage in activities that will better my life or the life of someone else, like creating art, making music, or building up another human being…

Ten minutes to learn something new about the people who share my life, ten minutes to learn something old in the pages of my grandmother’s Bible…

Ten minutes to give the best kind of love – undistracted love.

Ten minutes to take the best kind of leap – the leap of faith.

Ten minutes to tuck a lifeline into a suitcase, a lunch box, or the pocket of worn blue jeans.

Ten minutes to lift a shaky voice toward heaven or wear down rubber treads walking toward clarity.

Ten Best Ten Minutes of each day are the building blocks of a solid foundation.

Through these life-giving investments, we are connected to what strengthens us, guides us, and fulfills us.

What is built in the Best Ten Minutes cannot be swept away in a storm, forgotten in a hotel room, divided in a divorce, or missed after a move.

Soon the Best Ten Minutes will become the most important minutes of the day.

Watch them as they grow from minutes to hours to days to years, eventually becoming a life worth living.

Ten minutes. That is where I started building a foundation based on the lasting and the permanent rather than the fleeting and the temporary. I locked my phone in a drawer, shut down my computer, pushed aside my to-do-list, the guilt, and the regret to go to my child and hold her.

She picked up my hand and kissed my palm. Her response motivated me to continue to make myself fully available for ten minutes each day to renew my spirit, my relationships, and my life’s purpose.

Those minutes grew and so did my foundation. Believe one small step can make a difference. Begin with the Best Ten Minutes.

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