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Hands Free Life – Habit Builder 3

Build a Foundation with the Best Ten Minutes

Within my days, there will be time for the Best Ten Minutes:

Ten Minutes to accept the most important invitations: Yes to walking along the edge of the curb, yes to one more bedtime story, yes to face-to-face conversation…

Ten minutes to engage in activities that will better my life or the life of someone else, like creating art, making music, or building up another human being…

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Jack and Jill – Saint Lucy

I’m currently reading a book from Louisa May Alcott called “Jack and Jill”. A story about the lives of the youngsters living in Harmony Village, a small town in New England. The book was originally published in 1880, so it was pretty mesmerizing to read a story with the beauty of sentences and language from more than a hundred years ago.

Like many people, I first knew Louisa M. Alcott from her famous novel ‘Little Women’. I was hypnotized by the charming story of the characters in this book, and how charming her description was about their journey in learning life and finding love. But it’s been more than thirty years since I read her book, and it was translated in my language. Thus reading Jack and Jill in its original language is a new experience for me – and I’m captivated by her beautiful words!

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