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Hellow, Books @Notingly readers!

Hello, my name is Irene and I just recently picked up my love for books again.

I used to be a very avid reader. Risking my eyes reading in the darkness of my sleeping room, with only a little light from the street lamp outside – all just because I loved to read and didn’t want to risk a heated argument with my Mom. LOL.

Unfortunately that was decades ago. I forgot my love of books and reading, and focused myself towards things that were.. well, let’s say they were less fruitful. But then it would take another long post to tell you that story, and I’m sure you’re here for the books, and not for my life’s adventures.

I was lucky that my cousin invited me to join a writer community she belongs to… Since then I met a lot of women who love to write – and to read. They showed me their enthousiasm and love for books and I catched the book fever!

I have made a commitment to read again this year 2021, but me joining the writing club makes the reading journey much more easier to do.

So I decided to make a special blog to note down all the noteworthy things I’ve captured through my readings. Hence the ‘Notedworthy’ name because yeah, these things are noted worthy.

I hope you enjoy your being here. Perhaps you can learn one or two from my notes. Or perhaps you can find any interesting book from my list.

Welcome, and enjoy!

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