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Eat That Frog!

Once upon a time, there was a young beautiful but spoiled princess who was playing alone with her ball in the garden. She hit the ball too hard and the ball went in a pond in the middle of the garden. The ball was out of reach, she couldn’t get that ball by herself. Luckily she saw a frog sitting leisurely on a lotus leaf just beside the ball. She asked the frog to pass the ball to her – trading his help with her kiss.

The frog did help her and she got the ball back, but of course she didn’t want to kiss the frog. Who wants to kiss a frog anyway? That ugly miserable toad! Long story short, the princess was forced (by her parents) to fulfil what she’s been promising to the frog – she finally kissed the frog. Thankful the frog was not an ordinary frog, he was actually a handsome prince that was cursed to be a frog by a witch. The story ended with a happy ending. The princess found her prince and they lived happily ever after.

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