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Jack and Jill – Saint Lucy

I’m currently reading a book from Louisa May Alcott called “Jack and Jill”. A story about the lives of the youngsters living in Harmony Village, a small town in New England. The book was originally published in 1880, so it was pretty mesmerizing to read a story with the beauty of sentences and language from more than a hundred years ago.

Like many people, I first knew Louisa M. Alcott from her famous novel ‘Little Women’. I was hypnotized by the charming story of the characters in this book, and how charming her description was about their journey in learning life and finding love. But it’s been more than thirty years since I read her book, and it was translated in my language. Thus reading Jack and Jill in its original language is a new experience for me – and I’m captivated by her beautiful words!

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For The Love of Children (Introduction)

This is the first of Dwight L. Moody’s books I’ve ever read. I have several books written by him, lying for years in my Kindle library. When I finally decided to read again, I chose this book because the title and the book cover somehow told me this would be an easy read.

While I had never read any of his books before, but I’ve heard D. L. Moody’s great name and his work in evangelism back to the time I was a child. That’s why I’ve chosen his book to be one of the first books I picked up.

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